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Protect Your Account
There are some scammers and hackers that indulge in all sorts of tricks to get your account information. It is mainly your own responsibility to be careful.

  1. Beware of sites that asks you to download any Hack application. You will be hacked.
  2. Do not enter you login information at any site promising you free chips. Your account information will be stolen.
  3. Do not buy chips from unauthorized sources. How do they get the chips to sell? Evidently by phishing, hacking, cheating, loot, and all sort of scams. Chip sellers will give you chips at a cheaper rate, but then become their known target. You will repent later on.
  4. Do not trust anyone who helps you to cheat. They are the chief cheaters.
  5. Do not download any application that looks similar to Teen Patti by Octro. Your account information will be stolen.
  6. Beware of phishing sites. For example one such site, which looks similar to Facebook site, asks you to enter your Facebook username and password to get free chips. You will be hacked.
  7. Do not tell your Facebook username and password to any one. Make sure to use a strong password. Do not use a password that is easy to guess.

Purchase Chips
If you want more chips, select the Chips icon. These chips represent virtual money and have zero value as real money. You purchase chips so that you can play the game for some more time. Chips are sold through Google Play, iTunes Store (Apple) and facebook. It is through their interface you buy the chips. Normally when you purchase chips, you get the chips immediately. Never purchase chips from unauthorized sources.

If you purchase chips through Google Play and do not get chips in about 20 minutes, make sure to install the latest version of Teen Patti. Launch Octro Teen Patti again. Click the chips icon. Click any of the chips to buy. Go until you get to the Google Play page. Do not pay, and come back. This should flush the notification queue from Google Play, and credit the chips to your account.
For any question regarding chips purchase, write to Provide purchase order number and date and time of purchase along with your Teen Patti id or Facebook id number.

Get Chips for Free
In Teen Patti when your click the Chips icon, there is a link “Get Chips for Free.” This offer is by Tapjoy, Inc, which is a reputed company of U.S. If you installed some apps or completed some action using Tapjoy offer wall and didn’t get chips, you need to contact Tapjpy. To contact them, you can launch the “Get Chips for Free” offerwall again and use the “Missing Chips” link on that page. You MUST register your complaint. Currently, the “Get Chips for Free” offer is not available on WP8 phones and Amazon platform.

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