Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting


‘Cricket World Cup’ – the biggest cricketing event is around the corner. We have introduced the ‘Cricket Betting’ feature integrated in its super successful game Teen Patti - Indian Poker. This feature will be available on Teen Patti for Android and iOS during the Cricket World Cup 2015.

This betting feature combines the thrill of betting and earning rewards without any involvement of real money. This feature allows the gamers to bet their Teen Patti virtual chips. By using this feature, you accept and agree with the Octro Teen Patti “Terms of Service.”

How does the Cricket Betting feature work?

A Cricket Betting icon will appear on the right corner of the Octro’s Teen Patti main Menu screen. On clicking the icon, you will see the Betting screen. The Betting screen has the options to bet on the current ongoing match, and a button to open the betting screen of other ongoing matches.

The Betting screen has the information on the maximum amount of chips the gamer can bet, based on an algorithm developed by Octro, Inc., and the ‘Odds’ (bet multiple) against each team based on the odds of victory of that team. The Teen Patti player will be able to select the amount he wishes to bet using a drag tool, and press a ‘Bet’ button to place his bets.

Further, the Cricket Betting feature will also allow the gamer to hedge his bets by betting on both the teams of the ongoing match, since the odds will keep refreshing as the drama of the match unfolds. The Betting screen will also have a button to see the calendar of upcoming matches.

Cricket Betting Rules

1. You should have a minimum of 10,000 Teen Patti chips to bet on any match

2. Chips that you bet will be deducted immediately from your Teen Patti chips

3. You can place bets multiple times on one or both the teams during a match

4. All the bets will be settled on the completion of the match

5. The bets on a match will be void if the match is declared as a 'No Result' or 'Draw' or 'Cancelled' and all the bet chips will be refunded

6. If a match is affected by external factors (such as bad weather), bets will be settled as per the final result of the match

7. For all the winnings and refunds, you must withdraw the chips manually

8. The odds for a match are calculated on the basis of our internal technical calculation

9. Any time, you can check your bet history to get details of your winnings or losses

Betting Tutorial

Login to Teen Patti using Facebook Login or as a Guest. You will see the Main screen of Teen Patti. On the top right hand corner, you will see the cricket betting icon. Click the icon to open the Cricket betting screen.

On the top of the screen, move the slider (cricket ball) to change the amount of your bet. Below the slider, you will see the names of two cricket teams. If the betting is enabled, you will see the ODDS for each team. Select “PLACE BET” to place a bet on the team of your choice.

On the bottom of the betting screen, there are buttons to see BET HISTROY, UPCOMING MATCHES and Next LIVE Match. Select BET HISTROY to see the record of all the bets placed on the live match. The BET HISTROY screen also has tab for YOUR FRIENDS BET and COMPLETE HISTROY of all the bets placed by you.

When a match is decided, you need to withdraw your winning amount manually. When you launch Teen Patti next time, select the Betting icon. You will also see Your Bet Summary. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the WITHDRAW MONEY button along with total winning amount.

Legality. Teen Patti is a gambling card game. In many countries it is illegal to play Teen Patti with real money at stake. In Teen Patti by Octro you play only with virtual money.

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